The Best Advice When Starting Your Weight Loss Journey

The energy someone has when they are committed to making a change is contagious. 

They are motivated to make a change. Their energy is high. Their positivity is there. Nothing can stand in their way.

They do a bunch of research on workouts and nutrition. 

They watch some YouTube or IG videos. 

They look up recipes and come up with a grocery list.

They download the latest fitness tracker.

They pickup a notebook to track their workouts and nutrition.

This list can go on forever. And there lies the problem.

The excitement of beginning this new journey can lead to focusing on too many changes at one time.

This can lead to overwhelm and getting down on yourself for not hitting all the checks marks. 

All the positive action steps you took and you end up feeling lost. Since you started with so many changes at once you’re not sure what was working and what was not.

I experienced this when I first got into fitness and was working on changing my body. But I am glad that I did because it gave me insight into what my clients go through and made me able to relate to them better.

Some take away tips for you…

  1. Pick a workout plan and stick to it for a while. With my online clients I build out 6-8 week phases so that progress over time. This allows my client to see results, learn an exercise, track progress, but also enough time so they don’t get bored.
  2. When your first starting your nutrition plan don’t focus on hitting all your numbers perfectly. Focus on your calories and protein. Figure out your calories for your deficit or surplus depending on your goal. Make sure your getting enough protein. Thats it. Don’t worry about the amount of carbs and fats you need to eat if you don’t have your calories and protein intake dialed in.  Keep it simple.
  3. Don’t worry about picking the perfect cardio. Just start moving. Fit in what you can even if it’s just walking for 20 minutes one time a week. Focus on just moving and being active over the perfect cardio activity.

I want to leave you with this final thought…

Don’t overthink it! 

Minor changes lead to small wins. This leads to bigger wins. Which ultimately leads to making a lifestyle change. The IDEAL end result!

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