What would making a change do for you?

I’m not talking about how you look in the mirror.

I’m talking about the time you spend with family. The moments at night engaging with the family and playing around with the kids on the floor not getting out of breath or worried about being too sore in the morning.

How would making a change affect your finances? If you made a change would it result in more energy meaning more productive which could mean a raise or promotion?

What about leading others and handling stress? How would it could command the room with your new found confidence and self-esteem.

A lot of times in business not matter what field your in from real estate to sales to management your first impression is key. Have you thought about how much stronger your hand grip would be in handshake when you can look at the other person in the eyes with confidence?

What about the fun your missing out on? Do you stand in the back in pictures? Don’t enjoy going to the pool? Get tired walking up the stairs forget about playing with the kids.

What about the faith in your future? If you continue down this path of putting yourself on the back burner where will you be in 30 days, 3 months, or 1 year?

Even a small pain could be leading to an impact in other areas.

The point of this is there is never a perfect time to make a change. Life always happens. There’s always bills that have to get paid. 

But how much pain are you keeping inside because you’re afraid of the unknown. You may think it will be too hard. It’s not the right time. Or it’s too expensive to make a change.

The truth is time spent on your health is never a waste its an investment in the future you. But your not the only one who benefits. Your spouse does, your kids do, your friends do. They get more time with the best version of you.

“Being in shape isn’t about self sacrifice – it’s about self respect” – Tim Bean

So talk a few minutes and self examine. What would making a change do for you?

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