What’s the right workout for you?

I get this question all the time. It comes in many different forms…

How many days should I workout?

What should I do?

Rest days?

Reps, Sets, Rest?

I know it can be a lot but I want to leave you with a simple reference guide you can use whenever your looking to level up your workouts.

First and most importantly whichever route you go it needs to be one that you can stay consistent with. One that fits your schedule so it doesn’t add stress to your day. 

You can be successful with as little as 2 workouts a week up to 4 workouts a week. Do what fits your schedule and you can complete this week.

You want to build your workout with these main focuses: 

-Pushing movement: Horizontal – Ex. chest press & Vertical – Ex. Shoulder Press

-Pulling Movement: Horizontal – Ex. Dumbbell Row & Vertical – Ex. Pulldown

-Knee dominant: Ex. Squat or Leg Press

-Hip dominant or hip hinge: Ex. Deadlift, KB Swing

-Carry: Farmers Walk 

-Rotational: Side Slams or Woodchops 

-Anti Extension: Planks

Times Per Week:

2x – Your best options would be an upper and lower day. Or would I prefer 2 Full Body Days.

3x – You can do 3 Full Body Workouts, Legs/Push/Pull, Lower/Upper/Full

4x – You can do Lower/Upper/Lower/Upper or Push/Pull/Leg/Full or Accessory

Rep Ranges and Rest: Remember heavier you go the longer rest you need. Just not for energy levels to recovery but also your CNS to recover

Maximal Strength: 1-5 Reps, 4-6 Sets, 2 Min + rest

Strength/Hypertrophy: 6-12 Reps, 3-5 Sets, 1-2 Min Rest

Endurance: 12-20 Reps, 2-4 Sets, 30-90 secs Rest

Start your workout with the landmark lifts: Bench, Pull-Ups, Squats, Rows, Deadlifts 1st 

  1. You’ll have the most in the tank
  2. Everything builds off these 
  3. Lay the foundation

Cardio: Just move. Get the heart rate. Fit what you can.

Don’t worry about rest days. They are important and take them when needed. If you feel like you need one. You probably actually do. And please actually rest…no cardio. 

I could dive a lot deeper and there are a lot of variables per person but this is a great starting point to laying a solid foundation. Remember to stick to a plan for at least 4 weeks preferably 6-8 weeks. With my private clients we build out training phases to keep from plateauing or getting bored with workouts but it also allows enough time to grow and improve. 

In your workouts focus on progressive overload meaning try to increase the weight for each exercise over the course of 4 weeks. 

If you have more specific questions please send me a message. If your interested in working with me to build out your own custom program you can message me or email me at BodyByBradyPT@gmail.com

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