What would making a change do for you?

I’m not talking about how you look in the mirror.

I’m talking about the time you spend with family. The moments at night engaging with the family and playing around with the kids on the floor not getting out of breath or worried about being too sore in the morning.

How would making a change affect your finances? If you made a change would it result in more energy meaning more productive which could mean a raise or promotion?

What about leading others and handling stress? How would it could command the room with your new found confidence and self-esteem.

A lot of times in business not matter what field your in from real estate to sales to management your first impression is key. Have you thought about how much stronger your hand grip would be in handshake when you can look at the other person in the eyes with confidence?

What about the fun your missing out on? Do you stand in the back in pictures? Don’t enjoy going to the pool? Get tired walking up the stairs forget about playing with the kids.

What about the faith in your future? If you continue down this path of putting yourself on the back burner where will you be in 30 days, 3 months, or 1 year?

Even a small pain could be leading to an impact in other areas.

The point of this is there is never a perfect time to make a change. Life always happens. There’s always bills that have to get paid. 

But how much pain are you keeping inside because you’re afraid of the unknown. You may think it will be too hard. It’s not the right time. Or it’s too expensive to make a change.

The truth is time spent on your health is never a waste its an investment in the future you. But your not the only one who benefits. Your spouse does, your kids do, your friends do. They get more time with the best version of you.

“Being in shape isn’t about self sacrifice – it’s about self respect” – Tim Bean

So talk a few minutes and self examine. What would making a change do for you?

What’s the right workout for you?

I get this question all the time. It comes in many different forms…

How many days should I workout?

What should I do?

Rest days?

Reps, Sets, Rest?

I know it can be a lot but I want to leave you with a simple reference guide you can use whenever your looking to level up your workouts.

First and most importantly whichever route you go it needs to be one that you can stay consistent with. One that fits your schedule so it doesn’t add stress to your day. 

You can be successful with as little as 2 workouts a week up to 4 workouts a week. Do what fits your schedule and you can complete this week.

You want to build your workout with these main focuses: 

-Pushing movement: Horizontal – Ex. chest press & Vertical – Ex. Shoulder Press

-Pulling Movement: Horizontal – Ex. Dumbbell Row & Vertical – Ex. Pulldown

-Knee dominant: Ex. Squat or Leg Press

-Hip dominant or hip hinge: Ex. Deadlift, KB Swing

-Carry: Farmers Walk 

-Rotational: Side Slams or Woodchops 

-Anti Extension: Planks

Times Per Week:

2x – Your best options would be an upper and lower day. Or would I prefer 2 Full Body Days.

3x – You can do 3 Full Body Workouts, Legs/Push/Pull, Lower/Upper/Full

4x – You can do Lower/Upper/Lower/Upper or Push/Pull/Leg/Full or Accessory

Rep Ranges and Rest: Remember heavier you go the longer rest you need. Just not for energy levels to recovery but also your CNS to recover

Maximal Strength: 1-5 Reps, 4-6 Sets, 2 Min + rest

Strength/Hypertrophy: 6-12 Reps, 3-5 Sets, 1-2 Min Rest

Endurance: 12-20 Reps, 2-4 Sets, 30-90 secs Rest

Start your workout with the landmark lifts: Bench, Pull-Ups, Squats, Rows, Deadlifts 1st 

  1. You’ll have the most in the tank
  2. Everything builds off these 
  3. Lay the foundation

Cardio: Just move. Get the heart rate. Fit what you can.

Don’t worry about rest days. They are important and take them when needed. If you feel like you need one. You probably actually do. And please actually rest…no cardio. 

I could dive a lot deeper and there are a lot of variables per person but this is a great starting point to laying a solid foundation. Remember to stick to a plan for at least 4 weeks preferably 6-8 weeks. With my private clients we build out training phases to keep from plateauing or getting bored with workouts but it also allows enough time to grow and improve. 

In your workouts focus on progressive overload meaning try to increase the weight for each exercise over the course of 4 weeks. 

If you have more specific questions please send me a message. If your interested in working with me to build out your own custom program you can message me or email me at BodyByBradyPT@gmail.com

Give Me These 2 Things And I’ll Make Sure You Reach Your Goals

I don’t care what you follow…

I don’t care if you have “bad genetics”…

I don’t care if you’ve tried everything…

You give me two things and I’ll get you results…Consistency and Effort

Effort into tracking your macros.

Effort in your workouts.

Not 2 mins of scrolling Facebook or IG between sets. Not social hour or being the mayor of where you work out. Actual work.

Let me clarify…

You don’t have to be lifting the heaviest…

About to fall over completely spent…

Or dripping in puddles of sweat…

You don’t have to hit your nutrition numbers perfectly…

Avoid sweets…

Or swear off alcohol…

I’m talking about INTENTION.

Eating like an adult and owning choices.

Being  conscious about what you put in your mouth.

Giving your best with every workout.

Every round.

Every set.

Every rep.

If at the end of the day you can look in the mirror and can say you weren’t perfect but gave your best effort you will win.

I promise.

The Best Advice When Starting Your Weight Loss Journey

The energy someone has when they are committed to making a change is contagious. 

They are motivated to make a change. Their energy is high. Their positivity is there. Nothing can stand in their way.

They do a bunch of research on workouts and nutrition. 

They watch some YouTube or IG videos. 

They look up recipes and come up with a grocery list.

They download the latest fitness tracker.

They pickup a notebook to track their workouts and nutrition.

This list can go on forever. And there lies the problem.

The excitement of beginning this new journey can lead to focusing on too many changes at one time.

This can lead to overwhelm and getting down on yourself for not hitting all the checks marks. 

All the positive action steps you took and you end up feeling lost. Since you started with so many changes at once you’re not sure what was working and what was not.

I experienced this when I first got into fitness and was working on changing my body. But I am glad that I did because it gave me insight into what my clients go through and made me able to relate to them better.

Some take away tips for you…

  1. Pick a workout plan and stick to it for a while. With my online clients I build out 6-8 week phases so that progress over time. This allows my client to see results, learn an exercise, track progress, but also enough time so they don’t get bored.
  2. When your first starting your nutrition plan don’t focus on hitting all your numbers perfectly. Focus on your calories and protein. Figure out your calories for your deficit or surplus depending on your goal. Make sure your getting enough protein. Thats it. Don’t worry about the amount of carbs and fats you need to eat if you don’t have your calories and protein intake dialed in.  Keep it simple.
  3. Don’t worry about picking the perfect cardio. Just start moving. Fit in what you can even if it’s just walking for 20 minutes one time a week. Focus on just moving and being active over the perfect cardio activity.

I want to leave you with this final thought…

Don’t overthink it! 

Minor changes lead to small wins. This leads to bigger wins. Which ultimately leads to making a lifestyle change. The IDEAL end result!

Why Meal Plans Set You Up For Failure

Now don’t get me wrong I believe in setting everyone up for success. 

I just don’t believe setting them up for short term success.

Anyone can follow a meal plan BUT for how long? 

How long until you get bored of eating the same meals every day?

What if you want a night out with the spouse or friends?

For the parents out there what do you do for Family Taco or Pizza night?!

Or even when the inevitable work lunch/dinner pops up?

Then you might say, “Matt. Why don’t you just give a few options with even meal? I just want something to follow”.

It’s just like famous fishing analogy…Give someone a fish and they will eat for a day. Teach someone to fish and feed them for a lifetime.

In order for me to teach you how to fish you must learn how to make choices.

This is important because what happens when you plateau and your nutrition needs to be adjusted? 

Follow the plan and you WILL see progress but where you start is NEVER where you will end in terms of your macros and calories.  Adjustments will need to be made along the way. It’s just like how you can plateau doing the same workout routine week after week.

Once you know your nutrition numbers it allows you to enjoy your favorite foods because you can fit them into your nutrition.

This nutrition freedom changes your mindset towards food. You’ll stop looking at food as good or bad  but rather as fuel for your body.

The term “cheat meal” will go away and be replaced by Nutrient Dense Food vs Calorie Dense Food.

With nutrition freedom there is no more getting stressed out with food and bingeing. How would that feel?

Plus once you know your macros and calories you can do so much more when your ready for variety. 

These can be high carb/low carb days known as carb cycling or high/low calorie days known as calorie cycling. 

*Side note: the later is great for people that struggle on the weekends staying on track (message me to find out more about that).

The ultimate goal for anyone in terms of their nutrition should be long term SUSTAINABLE success. And the best way to do that is having the keys to the test…knowing your calories and macros for your goals!

This maybe an unpopular opinion but I need to say this for the healthy future of my fellow dads…

One of the trendiest new lifestyles in the world of health & fitness is the Dad Bod. It’s a movement where men, usually Dads, embrace a lifestyle that has lead them to have a softer body through a more relaxed lifestyle.

It has even pictured in the latest Marvel Avenger movie with “Fat Thor”.

Some advocates point that it establishes a better work life balance, more self love, and a more happy person not worried about holding old ideals of what a man should look like.

I get it. I have been there before. I gained the baby/sympathy weight when my fiancé got pregnant. I embraced being able to eat whatever and slack on my workouts because chicks dig Dad Bods now…right?

But taking a closer look at the potential side effects is it worth it to live that care free lifestyle. You may “feel good and happy” but is your body? How’s your blood pressure, cholesterol, or energy?

What clicked with me was I am now a Dad. As a Dad my job is to set the example for how my son should be.

How he should treat others…How he should treat women…What is work ethic…What is self-discipline…How do you take care of yourself…

By not taking care of myself and health am I being the role model I want to be?

How many people do you talk to that decide to make a change with their health and fitness because they don’t want to be like their parents. They don’t want to deal with those health issues. They want to be able to take care of themself and move on their own.

I am not saying as a man you need to have sculpted muscles and a six pack. But you should be the model of a healthy lifestyle. Not only for yourself but to set the example for your family.

You don’t need to be perfect. Just make your best effort. The same lesson you tell your kids when they are trying to accomplish something.

-Move every day
-Eat like an adult (watching portions, eating veggies, etc.)
-Getting enough sleep-Drinking water

This maybe an unpopular opinion but I NEEDED to say this for the healthy future of my fellow dads…

I want to see you around for a while living a healthy and present life one day turning that Dad Bod into a Grandpa Bod.

I want you to be able to see that.

To enjoy and experience that!